About The Sales Whisperer

Sell More, Faster, With Less Stress, Higher Margins & More Fun in 90 Days or Less, GUARANTEED!

Wes Schaeffer provides sales training as The Sales Whisperer® for sales people, sales managers and business owners that are ready to take their selling results to the next level and are willing to do what it takes to seize the opportunities that are more bountiful than bailout dollars streaming from D.C.


If you need to sell more, sell faster, sell at higher margins, sell with less stress and sell with more fun then The Sales Whisperer’s Selling System and Inner Circle are for you.


Both a trainer and sales person since 1995, Wes has successfully sold everything from stocks and bonds to mobile homes to computer systems from California to Alabama to Massachusetts and everywhere in between.


While he may not win any awards for being the most politically-correct human being in America he is gifted in his ability to empathize with you and tell you exactly what you need to hear in the manner you need to hear it.


Credentials? Wes is a graduate of both the United States Air Force Academy where he played strong side inside linebacker and Texas A&M so he is fluent in both technology and “Bubba.”


Wes has been flown to Denmark, Spain, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico to either train or be rewarded for his sales success and he was rated the top sales trainer during his time with Dell as judged by over 3,000 commercial, federal, inside and outside sales professionals.


As “The Sales Whisperer®,” Wes teaches the full spectrum of sales including

  • Prospecting: networking, cold-calling, blogging, speaking, direct mail.
  • Reaching decision-makers: “Selling to VITO.”
  • Befriending gate keepers and receptionists.
  • Establishing trust.
  • Bonding and rapport.
  • Uncovering pain.
  • Overcoming objections.
  • Leading the prospect to buy instead of pushing hard and closing the sale.
  • Post-sale implementation, i.e. eliminating buyer’s remorse.
  • Getting referrals and testimonials and using them to shorten sales cycles and grow revenue. 

If you are a sales manager or business owner Wes can help you

  • Attract,
  • Hire,
  • Train, 
  • Motivate, and 
  • Retain top sales talent. 
  • Conduct efficient, effective sales meetings, and 
  • Grow your business with marketing that makes the phone ring. 

If you are ready to grow sales and if you are willing to spend a little money and a some focused effort to leap frog your competition while they “hunker down” and attempt to “save themselves into prosperity” then call Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer® now. Good Selling.


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